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Te Piri Poho

Anglican Journal of Theology in Aotearoa and Oceania

The Anglican Journal of Theology in Aotearoa and Oceania supports the kaupapa (purpose) of Te Piri Poho, which is to foster a network of intellectual discipleship – theologians and scholars broadly working within the Anglican tradition, contributing research and resources in service of God and the mission of the church in Aotearoa and the Pacific.


The journal additionally welcomes readership and contributions from the global Anglican and theological communities.

The aim of the journal is both inclusive, encouraging a variety of theological scholarship, reflection, and creative expression, and specific: to actively promote indigenous and contextual theologies.


That is, the journal aims to give voice to areas of scholarship and other outputs that are often marginalised in church and academia, while also welcoming more traditional areas of theological scholarship. 

Latest Issue


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Volume 2  |  Issue 2 | Spring 2023

This issue is broadly, but not exclusively, focused on issues of identity and diversity. Identity, both personal and corporate, is a continuing topic of interest. For traditional cultures, identity is connected to whakapapa (genealogy) and place and is important for retaining or reclaiming cultural connections.


Relationality is a significant factor in how identity is conceived in traditional Oceanic / South Pacific cultures. While the more westernised of us think of identity in more individualised terms of roles, achievements, sexuality, and other factors, links to the past still hold an attraction as indicated by personalised DNA testing and interest in tracing family history. We need diversity and we need unity to be a healthy society and church.


Through the words of our contributors, we invite you to reflect on how such unity can be incarnated in our attitudes and actions, and imbedded in our structures while valuing and celebrating diversity.


AJTAO - Vol1 Iss1 Spring 2022 Cover Tablet.png

Volume 2  |  Issue 1  |  Matariki  2023

Welcome to this special Matariki edition of the Anglican Journal of Theology in Aotearoa and Oceania. 

In this edition, we invite you, through our contributors, to embark on a spiritual
exploration that mirrors the spirit of Matariki, guided by the whakataukī: “Tuhi kohuru, tuhi korae, tuhi marae kura.”


This whakataukī frames our journal contributions, offering wisdom that resonates with faith seeking understanding. At its core lies the concept of “tuhi kohuru,” signifying the existence of divine mysteries that surpass our comprehension, underscoring the need for humility, awe, and reverence in our theological pursuits. Like the Psalmist who exclaimed, “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it” (Psalm 139:6), “tuhi kohuru” invites us to recognise the interconnectedness of all creation, encouraging us to approach matters of faith with a deep sense of wonder and respect.

AJTAO - Vol1 Iss1 Spring 2022 Cover Tablet.png

Volume 1  |  Issue 1  |  Spring 2022

Not unexpectedly, we see writers responding, in this first issue, to the trials of a world living with Covid-19. We also see writers engaging with the soul-destroying challenges of neo-liberalism, individualism and discrimination. It is not all doom and gloom, however.


Repeatedly, our authors remind us that, as well as learning from its mistakes, we can look to the past for wisdoms and insights to shine a light on our collective future; that, in this Christian tradition, as it engages in this Aotearoa and Oceania context with Indigenous knowledge and tikanga, there is, undoubtedly, hope. 

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The Creative Projects within Te Piri Poho have been created by members of the St John's Theological College and wider Anglican community.

More creative projects will be added in the future.

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