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Applicants must have the support of their Anglican Bishop or Pihopa. Once accepted, each student has an individualised learning plan. The scholarship will include ministry formation over one, two, three or four years.


The Residential Scholarship entry criteria appear below.

The initial programme for ordinands and the programme offered in the regions is the same: it is the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Theological Studies), an NZQA approved Level 5 programme.

Ordination students typically go on to a Bachelor of Theology programme at Otago University, Laidlaw College or Carey College depending on their individualised plan.


Study in the regions can be undertaken by Anglicans who have the support of their diocesan Ministry Educator. Study includes face to face weekend intensives, online classes and activities and at-home study.

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Study Programme: Residential Ordination Students
  • Year 1: The Level 5 NZ Diploma in Christian Studies (120 Credits)

    The residential College year has an initial 3-week welcome and wananga and then two 13-week semesters. Within each semester there is a 1 week study break and a 2 week mid-semester break. As far as possible the College seeks to synchronise semester breaks with NZ State School holidays. Semester 2 is followed by a period of summer school courses where the numbers allow.


    The study programme involves a full 40 hours per week on average and runs from mid-February through until mid-November. It includes an initial wananga made up of orientation, study skills and introductory course/s, two academic semesters and a summer block of 5-6 weeks. The College study year ends in the second week of November and students study and contribute to placement up until that time.


  • Years 2 and beyond: Bachelor of Theology or another academic qualification approved by the Bishop/Pihopa and Tikanga Dean.  Students who enrol in another academic programme other than theology, do so according to their and the church’s needs.  

A non-NZQA Ministry Formation and Leadership programme consisting of courses in worship leading, formation and ministry placement runs alongside study each year for all students. These activities may involve a further 6 hours per academic week over and above the study programme above. These activities create and sustain our spiritual and community life, they feed both body and soul:

  • Shared daily Chapel services

  • Weekly Community Eucharist


  • Weekly College Pastoral Care and Connection Group


  • Weekly Shared Meal


  • Weekly participation in a church Ministry Placement


  • Community Service engagement


  • Mentoring or spiritual direction

Entry Criteria

Candidates for entry to the residential scholarship must comply with the admission and entry requirements of this initial ministry formation programme and be eligible to enrol at a tertiary institution to undertake academic studies.
Applicants are required to have a signed recommendation from a Bishop, Pihopa, or Ministry Enabler from their Diocese, Hui Amorangi or equivalent episcopal unit. Entry is subject to the recommendation of the applicant’s Bishop, and the approval of the College.

Concurrent Ministry Formation and Leadership activities include:
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