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Women's Leadership Development Group


Discover, grow, send and support


As a group, we seek to support Anglican women in leadership: women in lay or ordained ministry, and/or women who have either been or are being trained theologically.


To discover, grow, send and support Anglican female leaders to be confident, courageous, credible, competent, and generous disciples who disciple others, using the spiritual gifts, knowledge, and skills God has given them for ministry and mission – for the sake of the world.



Discover those God is calling into ministry and mission through,

  • Creating a provincial network where friendship & collegiality might be discovered, given and received

  • Online story circles

  • Vocational retreats

  • Resourcing current leaders to encourage and support young women to explore their calling and vocation.

Grow emerging female leaders by,

  • Affirming and developing their confidence and gifts, and providing opportunities for supported practice through:

    • Networking

    • Ministry exchanges and shared best practice

    • Specialist training

    • Mentoring/coaching relationships

Send and support them:

  • Into roles where their flourishing leads to the flourishing of their communities and to a new generation of women in leadership. This includes ‘shoulder tapping’ fellow women leaders to prompt them to consider senior roles.

  • Support them by facilitating peer mentoring communities and coaching relationships across generations and localities.

  • Actively advocate for representation of women at governance and leadership level, and provide training and support focussed on this institutional challenge.

  • Actively research challenges and opportunities unique to women in leadership and provide forums/hui for reflexive dialogue and action that include men.  

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The Women's Leadership Development Group is made up of women _____________. 

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